Coats -"Doggie Drying Sheets"

The BEST all around coat for your dog!

Crossed Paw ® coats have multiple uses!

The main use is a drying sheet for your dog. Great for after a bath or rainy/snowy potty break.  Leave it on for a while and it will absorb the water off your dog, keeping your floors and your socks dry!
After you bathe your dog inside put the Crossed Paw ® coat on to lessen the “shake spray.” If you bathe your dog outside put the Crossed Paw ® on to prevent grass and dirt from sticking to your wet dog after he/she rolls.

Another fabulous use – send them outside with the Crossed Paw ® coat in the rain for that quick potty break keeping your dog dry. (Coats are made from fleece so if left out for a length of time they will absorb water.)

Use the Crossed Paw ® coat  after a day at the beach or pool.  It will help dry your dog and keep some of the sand and water out of your car.

The Crossed Paw® coat is made from fleece so it can be used as a blanket on cold nights or for  those cold winter walks.

With the snug fit of the Crossed Paw ® coat it has helped many dogs relax i stressful situations.

All Crossed Paw ® coats slide right over your dogs head and stay in place with Velcro and the elastic belly strap.  No need to fuss with extra closures or trying to put their feet and legs in sleeves.  The closed front helps keep the coat on.

One quick slide over the head, attach the Velcro and your dog is ready for whatever!

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