5/8″ & 3/4″ Martingales – “Shop the shelf”


5/8″ wide adjust 9″ – 14″
Regular weight nylon

3/4″ wide adjust 12″ – 20″




Due to Covid-19 Festivals are no longer.
In order for us to bring you our collars we must change the way we normally do things. Hopefully this “new normal” will not last too long.
As you all know, and I have mentioned many times I am not great with the web site and listing all the collars we have in stock. There are just too many.
So for now I will show you photos of what is on the racks and let you choose from them.

Stay Safe. Be Well.

Additional information


5/8" pirates, 3/4" martinis, 3/4" butterfly, 3/4 crabs, plain black


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